"If there were a symbol for tetrahedral geometry, it would be THIS!"

Richard Hoagland never asked for permission to use this shot in his U.N. Briefing video, but I'm sure he knew I wouldn't mind.

We met in February of 1984, and on that night in Malibu; in Paradise Cove, not far from the parking lot that James Garner would make famous enough to need a gate and a guard, he read the entire BLACK BOOK draft of FLYBY aloud.

Four days later I ushered him into the screening room at Abels, and introduced him to some of the best special effects people in Hollywood so he could pitch "Chronicles Two".

I still have my copy of "Unusual Martian Surface features", and I had my own MARSFACE poster push-pinned to my office wall at ABELS* from '77 to '81. Sure enough, a mutual friend; after hearing my description of an oceanic Mars and a Goddess casting her spell from the caldera of Olympus Mons, uttered the infamous phrase: "You have got to meet Hoagland!".

Perhaps the rest is history, but her story has yet to be told. Until now.





*Yeah, I was pretty angry at Ed Verreaux when I saw the "Gray" face in early "Mission To Mars" promo. His office had been adjacent to mine and on that common wall hung all the research any Production Designer would need to recreate and introduce the most important "character" in the first movie to deal with Cydonia. Luckily, I finally saw the film and was relieved that the "That's NOT the Face!" face had actually been revealed by the destruction of the "mesa" so familiar to those who see the Face at all.

Pretty clever...