The Mind Pirates were formed in 1997 after a trip to Boonville in Northern California. I was a guest of the infamous Captain Clearlight, and we had left Round Mountain Ranch; his home in Ukiah, to see the "History Of The Blues" performed by local musicians including Barry Melton of the Fish. Along for the ride was Spec; a poet who looked like Kurt Cobain but only wanted to sing like Jim Morrison.

By the end of the night I had resolved to turn a Babe Magnet and the Henry Ford of Acid into Rock Stars, or at least founding members of the Mind Pirates, and the story from that point on is still being told so I can't reveal how it ends.

Everything changes.

By 2000, I was living along the Rim Of The World; high above San Bernadino and L.A. further to the west, when I was offered my own domain name, I chose, and anxious to give the Mind Pirates their own internet presence I quickly put up the OFFICIAL MIND PIRATES site. Though Mendocino County was never far from my mind, it was at the other end of the state and the Mind Pirates had gone through even stranger changes than do most bands. 

The Captain was finally paying his dues and Spec... well, he turned out to be unable to carry a tune. I, however, had a new Strat and had completed several albums worth of PIRATE material and the album art that went with them. The OFFICIAL MIND PIRATE site had become the logical place to showcase my ever expanding digital portfolio of Sci-Fi stories painted with broad strokes and artwork tweaked down to the finest detail.

Nothing changes 

Five years later, and the Captain is back home; in control of his Destiny, and looking forward to his next Birthday. I'll be there and I'm sure he has a few surprises up his sleeve as do I.