ROAD TRIP! / Michael Sterling


"Would you like to see what our weather balloon ran into?"

 Capt. Owen Crawford / TAKEN


Maybe DISCLOSURE came and went with the broadcast of Spielberg's miniseries "Taken".

Maybe not.

"The recovered craft looked nothing like a conventional aircraft. The vehicle had no tail and it had no wings. The fuselage was round and there was a dome on the top. In secret Army intelligence memos declassified in 1994, it would be referred to as a "flying disc." Most alarming was a fact kept secret until now; inside the disc was a very earthly hallmark: Russian writing. Block letters from the Cyrillic alphabet had been stamped, or embossed, in a ring running around the inside of the craft."

Annie Jacobsen / AREA 51

Annie is unavailable to explain how after this "Horten Brothers" (our Germans are better than their Germans) Reich Stuff moment, the subsequent Korean War was fought with jet-engined bricks with fins, or her final revelation that we ultimately back-engineered the Russian craft and have had "hover and fly" technology ever since.Things that even Stanton Friedman, the "Grandfather of UFOlogy" seems to be unaware of. She does however, explain "strategic deception"; where "cover" is used to prove something true to be "false", and "disinformation" is used to prove something "false" to be "true".

65 years after Roswell (was the 50th Anniversary 15 years ago?), one is still left wondering which aspect of strategic deception applies to her quote, if not her entire book of eyewitness interviews.

That's AREA 51 for you.




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