Listen again, for the first time


Hush little babies, don't you cry
Daddy's gonna play you a lullaby
Though I'm far away it seems
I'll be with you in your dreams.


"AMAZING! You cannot listen to this music and have a negative thought at the same time."

"I thank God everyday that you are on the Planet."

"After my second return from India this year, I took the time to click on your Satvika website, and got enveloped in this extraordinary sound. I have looked up the English for the French word 'envoûtant', and it says 'bewitching', 'spellbinding', and if it is a rendering of what I think it must be, it is supposed to be so, of course. I suppose you are the author of this awesome music (?)... and it's very generous of you to put it on the web. Thank you!"

"Very cool! Congratulations!"

"Listening to it now...
Very tranquilizing and dreamy -- I like it!
A lot" :-)

"You know, I've done it to this."

"Like the music. You are not an ordinary American for sure."

"The music you created on your site is ethereal and calming."

"We're counting on you Michael."

"Let me know when you have a public gig please."

"Is that you?"



"They'll never believe this is just guitar. One guitar*."





*Fender Telecaster (Thanks Tim) through GSP-21 PRO / RDS-8000 Time Machine

SPECIAL THANKS to Tom Beattie for hosting this version of SATVIKA

All Rights Reversed. Satsongs, Smoky Mirror & Mule Music 2012


Michael Sterling
Without Permanent Engagement