"Today is a BIG Day!"

HOVERCRAFT seems like ages* ago.

The war that hadn't started yet has raged for two years and we have been told it could be in it's last throes for twelve more.

Prior to being asked if I "wanted a wall", I had saved a picture of a homeless woman for possible use in VSNRY: PANIC ATTACK 3. I found the "Last Iraqi" after the doors were locked for the last time. I was with Laynee when she got the call that the house was coming down and drove her there just in time to see the start of the destruction.

As room after room was turned to debris, the underlying "Stars and Stripes" slatted lath walls were exposed. During a break, the gathered Artists were allowed to go upstairs one last time and I knew then what the last addition to the World Wide Wall would be.



September 2013, the lot where the HOVERCRAFT house once stood is still empty as the words proclaiming the 12th anniversary of 9-11. I have kept one more picture** all this time, the logo of the dump truck that hauled away the remnants of a dream realized, a dream shared, a dream not forgotten.

Roll Over Beethoven...



** "He held the bones of his daughter. He had wrapped them in an excellent sealskin that he himself had tanned many years ago and that he considered one of the most beautiful he had ever made. No one appreciated such things any longer and he had never let it out of his hands. but had saved it for a better time. Now that time had come. The skin would protect the bones from unnecessarily harsh conditions inside the cave - until the end, when the land would melt and sink into the sea - and the animals who would then have complete control."

The Day Is Dark*** / Yrsa Sigurdardóttir

*** For the Craftie who thinks I only read Science-Fiction.