"What did you do in the Art Wars Daddy?"

Father to three Daughters; I have one young enough to still call me Daddy.

The oldest however, is now 33 and marries tomorrow - but before even she was born, the path my life would take had been chosen. A path that took me to Hollywood.

953 N. Highland, to be exact.

Much has been said about Robert Abel. Perhaps more than enough by me, but it was within days of my first night at ABELS that I heard the term HERO.

Richard Taylor hired me because I knew the difference between a job that was done and one that was just handed in. During TRON, he wrote me a letter of recommendation that said I knew what I was doing, not necessarily what HE was doing.

In 1987, I left for Colorado Springs to see if I could do anything else, but within weeks of kissing rocks all over the Garden Of The Gods, I was writing exposure sheets for an OXBERRY at night and coaxing 3D animation from a CUBICOMP by day.

Fired by the company I had gotten into MILLIMETER, yet hired back to design spaceships, special effects, and write the story (Deja Vu!), when they got in over their direct-to-video heads, I formed ULTIMATION, the Theoretical Design Group (TDG), and CSFX: the Colorado Springs Effects group, before picking up my Flying V again.

Three NO FATE shows later, and the SKYNET Resistance tenuously established, I was headed back to California. In 1997 I was introduced to HTML and the fact that Stanley Kubrick could view pages I created and posted on the World Wide Web.


2001 did not meet my expectations.

"No reason for laying off work!"

Here then, is the latest from the BINK TANK.

On behalf of ALX, COMMAND Z, the Remote Liberation Front, MIND PIRATES & ABEL Dogs everywhere - all those who Love us and find themselves loved back - is yet another HERO. One that though designed by the one, was finished by the many; heroes that stood up when others just stood aside.

"Down the Trail..."